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3D Model Editing on echo3D:
Unleashing Creativity and Flexibility

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Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Have you ever downloaded a fantastic 3D model from the web, only to realize it needs a few tweaks to perfectly suit your project? Or maybe you'd love to create variations of an existing model to showcase different colors or materials. This is where echo3D's intuitive 3D Model Editor comes in, empowering you to edit 3D models directly within your echo3D 3D digital asset management platform – no need for complex design software!

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The 3D Model Editor provides a user-friendly interface for fine-tuning your 3D models. You can directly modify the mesh configuration, giving you control over the model's geometry. This allows for subtle adjustments or even more drastic changes, depending on your vision. But that's not all! echo3D understands the importance of textures in bringing your models to life. The editor allows you to update textures with ease. Imagine swapping out a bland material for a vibrant texture, or changing the color scheme of a piece of furniture to match your design.

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Ever wished you could have multiple versions of the same model readily available? With echo3D, creating variants is a breeze. After making your edits, you can save the modified model as a variant. This creates a new version within your project library, keeping the original model untouched. This makes it easy to compare and choose the perfect iteration for your needs. Use version control to recall previous versions or schedule new versions to be used, all in real-time.

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  • 1. Simplified Workflow: Edit your models directly within echo3D, eliminating the need to switch between software programs.
  • 2. Enhanced Efficiency: Make quick adjustments to meshes and textures, saving valuable time and resources.
  • 3. Increased Creativity: Explore design possibilities by creating multiple variations of your models.
  • 4. Improved Collaboration: Easily share and discuss model edits with your team members within the echo3D platform.
© echo3D, Inc.
  • Seamless Integration: echo3D's 3D DAM platform seamlessly integrates with other echo3D services, as well as third-party applications and platforms. This makes it easier to incorporate edited 3D models into your existing workflows, whether you're using them for AR/VR/Spatial Computing experiences, e-commerce platforms, or digital marketing campaigns.
  • Scalability and Performance: Built on a scalable cloud infrastructure, echo3D's platform can handle large volumes of 3D assets without compromising on performance. This ensures that you can edit and manage your 3D models efficiently, even as your content library grows over time.
  • Security and Compliance: Security is a top priority for echo3D, and the platform adheres to industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your 3D assets. With features like secure data encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications, you can rest assured that your 3D models are in safe hands.

We believe that 3D model editing should be simple, and so we built echo3D — a 3D digital asset management platform that helps businesses maximize the value of their 3D content.

Stop settling for models that don't quite fit your vision. Sign up for a free echo3D account or schedule a demo with us and experience the power of in-platform 3D model editing. See how easy it is to refine meshes, update textures, and create stunning model variants – all within your echo3D workflow!

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