Sony's SRD adds 3D DAM capabilities. 🗃️

We built you a3D Backend-in-a-Box

Build your 3D app backend in minutes and keep your developers focused on creating a great 3D app, while we handle the messy stuff.

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3D Backend-as-a-Service

Drastically reduce costs

Save time, money, and effort on building and maintaining an app backend, and quickly go from development, to testing, and to production.

Seamlessly incorporate with your app

Use any of our robust SDKs to build, manage, and deploy 3D apps at scale with Unity, Java, Swift, WebAR, AR.js, Flutter, NodeJS, and more.

Easily build for any platform

Develop once and deploy on different platforms (Unity, Unreal, Android, iOS, HoloLens, Oculus, and more). Compatible with all 3D/AR/VR client-side technologies (ARCore, ARKit, and more).

Metadata Management

Add different metadata to your 3D assets and transform how they behave and interact in real time. Set attributions for location, placement, size, rotation, and more. Set global data for projects and manage when, where, and which 3D content is streamed.

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Real-time Updates

Update your 3D experience and stream fresh content to your users in real-time. Build and operate real-time 3D experiences that change constantly and get users to keep coming back for more. Enable rapid iteration cycles, fix issues faster, and deliver a higher-quality experience.

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3D Analytics

Learn how users interact with your app and engage them with the 3D content they want to see. Discover insights on your user engagement and behavior and understand what different audience segments find most intriguing, to make for a curated and unforgettable 3D experience.

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App Monitoring

Understand how your app is performing and optimize your resources. Abstract the usage and setup requirements of other cloud services and rely on a modern 3D infrastructure that allows you to innovate quickly and scale on demand.

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