Sony's SRD adds 3D DAM capabilities. 🗃️

Introduce interactivelearning tools

Move your 3D assets to the cloud, create dynamic 3D training & education apps, and easily stream new content.

Your class in the Metaverse

Deploy optimized 3D content to immersive learning and remote training apps. Have content load quickly from anywhere in the world and on any device or headset.

Students learn better with visual aids

Share interactive 3D experiences with your students that can be instantly updated on your own. No need for coding, redeployment or app downloads.

Easy setup

Our platform makes it easy for educational institutions to integrate 3D into their current systems.

Device & Network compatibility

Develop your interactive 3D experiences and deploy them across the web and AR/VR devices. Dynamically stream compressed 3D assets in different network conditions.

Real-time analytics

See how students interact with your 3D content and track their progress and engagement, for a curated learning experience.

Large 3D models? No problem.

Stream light, compressed, and poly-reduced versions of your 3D assets to multiple devices in different locations, while maintaining a high-resolution experience.
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Immersive Learning with AR

HoloCenter created a multi-device multi-user learning experience and art installation at Governors Island NYC by using  echo3D echo3D to stream 3D content to multiple AR headsets and later access AR via web-based AR on any device, anywhere.

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