Sony's SRD adds 3D DAM capabilities. 🗃️

Lightning-fast3D Streaming

3D digital asset delivery and file distribution are a click away.
Distribute and stream 3D content from the cloud.

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3D-first Content Delivery Network

Faster Delivery

Load 3D content quickly from the closest server available, with a global delivery network optimized for 3D content.

Dynamic Set up

Automatically set up and stream 3D content from the right server, based on your user’s location and your content’s geo-tagging.

Optimized Stream

Improve load speed and reliability by automatically picking the right 3D output format, reducing the file size, and caching near your users.

3D Content Anywhere

Track to which locations are your 3D assets being delivered and which servers deliver your 3D content to users. Dynamically deploy the right server instances to minimize load time as well as storage and hosting costs, and easily integrate with edge solutions or 5G nodes.

echo3D console

Dynamic Experiences

Set how your 3D assets are delivered and alter your 3D experience based on built-in metadata to fit different audience segments in different locations. Tailor the experience based on your audience’s location and behavior at any time.

echo3D console

Integrated Processing

Minimize latency by optimizing your 3D experience to fit each user’s location, device, and network conditions. Benefit from automatic 3D processing, compression, and conversion integrated into your stream.

echo3D console

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