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The perfect tools for3D Processing

3D digital asset optimization tools seamlessly built-in.
Compress, convert, and optimize 3D assets in the cloud.

3D Optimization screenshot

3D Content Optimization

3D compression

Compress 3D files, videos, and images, without compromising how they look or losing any important details, to allow for low latency 3D data streaming.

3D conversion

Convert your files to and from multiple formats and ensure your 3D experience conforms to the requirements of your user’s device or headset.

3D processor

Automatically process and optimize your 3D assets for better app performance (supported formats include .obj, .stl, .fbx, .glTf, .glb, .usdz, .dae, .zip.).

View the difference between echo3D Ultimate Compression and Draco Compression

See the load time and size difference between the original 3D model, Draco compressed version, and our Ultimate compressed version.

Works Everywhere

Build 3D experiences that run on most devices and headsets, by moving your 3D assets to the cloud and streaming optimized 3D data that has been automatically converted to the appropriate file format for each user and their device.

echo3D console

High Quality at Small Sizes

Stream highly detailed 3D models and interactive content to different devices, without compromising quality. Stream light, compressed, and poly-reduced versions of your assets to multiple devices in different locations, while maintaining the same full detail 3D experience.

echo3D console

Smaller Apps with Better Content

Build smaller interactive experiences that work even for users with slow connections, by processing 3D content in the cloud and streaming it in real-time to different devices. Use our computing power to optimize and process even the most complex models.

echo3D console

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